What documents are required for a lightning loan?

If you are looking for a loan that should be paid out quickly, you have to prepare a few things in advance so that as little time as possible passes from the application to the loan payment. Optimal preparation includes the provision of important documents that are essential for a lightning credit. So take care of these documents in advance. Nothing is more annoying and time-consuming if various documents are missing when the loan application is received and these have to be requested again from the clerk.

Please note that different documents are required depending on the status of your employment relationship. Different documents are required for an employee than for a self-employed person or a pensioner. In this article, we clarify which documents are required by people in an employment relationship.

Documents for a lightning credit with payment within 24 hours

Documents for a lightning credit with payment within 24 hours

As you may have read in the article How quickly you can get a lightning loan, applying for a lightning loan up to $ 3,000 is much less bureaucratic than applying for large amounts of credit. In addition, the loan can be paid out very quickly and within 24 hours. You should have the following documents ready for such mini loans

  • ID card or passport
  • Proof of income in the form of a bank statement and payslip (in digital form)

As a rule, no other documents are required. Since the application for such a loan is made online and via video ID, you need a smartphone or a PC with a webcam for the documents so that they can be identified.

Now that you have all these things ready, there is nothing to stop you applying.

Documents for lightning loans from $ 3,000

Documents for lightning loans from $ 3,000

Since the risk of default is greater for larger amounts of credit than for small amounts, most banks require additional documents before a loan decision can be made. The documents are submitted by Post-Ident and then sent to the respective bank. This has the disadvantage that processing can only take place after the documents have been received and therefore a few days pass.

Which documents you should have ready when you apply

  • Pay slip / proof of salary for the last 2-3 months
  • Original bank statements documenting receipt of wages in the last 2-3 months
  • easily legible copy of your identity card (front and back) or original ID at Video-Ident
  • complete self-disclosure
  • existing loan agreements

These are the documents you should have ready when you apply. You will be asked by almost every provider. Depending on the situation, the bank may require additional documents to release a quick loan. The following documents can also be requested from the bank

  • Confirmation of registration about your place of residence
  • Guarantees
  • Further proof of income
  • Evidence of an employment relationship
  • Declaration of assignment

Exceptions in cases of loans without Credit Bureau

Exceptions in cases of loans without Credit Bureau

If you apply for a loan without Credit Bureau information, you usually need fewer documents. The following documents are often sufficient

  • Original pay slip for the past 3 months
  • Original bank statements from the last 3 months
  • clearly legible copy of your identity card (front and back)
  • Post-Ident procedure when applying (e.g. for a cash credit)

Have documents ready for the lightning credit ahead of time

Have documents ready for the lightning credit ahead of time

You should definitely have the documents listed ready. If you have decided on a loan, you can apply for it all the faster. So make sure that your documents are complete before applying, otherwise the payment time will be extended and you will have to wait longer for your loan.

Online Loan for Self Employed

An online loan for the self-employed is intended for traders and freelancers. A prerequisite for lending is three years of work on an independent basis. Furthermore, the place of business should be in Germany and there should be no negative Credit bureau entries. 4wallsandaview.com fleshes this out

As a rule, the self-employed can choose between 12 and 72 months, whereby the rates are always the same. If you are looking for a very cheap online loan for the self-employed, you should compare the effective annual interest rate and also take a look at the ancillary loan costs. You can find out more about online credit for the self-employed in this article.

What should you watch out for with an online loan for the self-employed?

What should you watch out for with an online loan for the self-employed?

As a rule, this form of credit is an installment loan for private use. Those who opt for an online loan for the self-employed can use it to service private payment obligations without having to resort to business assets. Other uses include the replacement of a checking account overdraft facility or a necessary purchase in the household.

The monthly installment can be easily and easily adjusted to your budget, so that as a self-employed person you do not jeopardize your creditworthiness and thus your chances for further credit. The online loan can be easily applied to a direct bank or another loan provider on the Internet.

What do you need to apply for the loan?

What do you need to apply for the loan?

When you apply for a loan online, you need to be able to prove your regular income. Likewise, a company should survive for at least a year and be in the black, reducing the potential default risk for the lender and being more willing to approve the loan. In addition, it is necessary to present the business evaluation and the bank statements of the past three to six months. The presentation of the profit and loss account, an income tax return and a positive Credit bureau information is also mandatory.

You should definitely compare all offers with each other, whereby you can use a comparison calculator that gives you a quick and free overview of all the advantages and disadvantages of the different offers. In this way, you will definitely find the right loan that is affordable and tailored to your needs.

It depends on the provider, but online loans of up to 100,000 USD are possible if the corresponding creditworthiness is available. However, installment loans are most often given to the self-employed. Additional security increases your chances of getting a loan, which includes guarantees, assignments of life insurance or real estate.

If you want to be on the safe side, you can also name another borrower as a freelancer or self-employed person. For example, the spouse or a parent can be considered. In the event of a default, the second borrower steps in and pays the installments. Banks consider this step to be entirely positive, which in turn favors lending.

58,000 dollars for self-employed – immediately from 584 dollars

The self-employed have a hard time getting a 58,000 dollar loan for the self-employed for private purposes. The reason is the uncertain income, which is often also seasonally low.

If the salary slip is sufficient for employees as proof of creditworthiness, the self-employed have to provide a lot of receipts with the loan for the self-employed 58,000 USD.

What makes lending so difficult?

What makes lending so difficult?

With a personal loan as a loan for the self-employed 58,000 USD, it makes almost no difference whether a loan with or without Credit checker is applied for. With both types of credit, the credit opportunities are often more than bad. In the case of a credit without Credit checker, proof of a regulated and secure income is an essential factor in credit approval.

This is why it is very difficult for self-employed people to get a loan for self-employed people from abroad of 58,000 USD. Doctors and lawyers are an exception to these loans. This professional group simply requires a secure and high income, so that the chances of getting a 58,000 dollar loan for the self-employed are very high.

Loan for self-employed is refused – what to do?

Loan for self-employed is refused - what to do?

If the loan for the self-employed is rejected at 58,000 USD, whether with or without Credit checker, there are only a few alternatives. This would offer private loans. Think of a financial injection from relatives or friends.

Of course, the process can then be secured with appropriate contracts. Another way to get a 58,000 dollar loan for the self-employed is for a second borrower (spouse?) To take the loan in his name. The loan amount could then be passed on to the self-employed on the same terms. This personal loan must also be contractually secured.

However, this second borrower must prove a secure income from a job. In addition, there should be a very good relationship of trust. Not everyone is offered their somewhat tense financial situation.

Loan for self-employed from private?

But if you don’t want to make your financial situation public, you can look at the platforms for P2P loans – loans from private to private. Smava and Auxmoney are the best known platforms where private investors are brought together with loan seekers.

The creditworthiness is not set as strictly as with banks, nevertheless it is required. The loan seeker creates a profile and presents his or her credit request for the loan for the self-employed in a comprehensible and trustworthy manner. But these private investors also make sure that the risk of default is low. In many cases, these platforms are visited for corporate loans, which are also profitable for the investor.

But these investors also know how difficult it can be for a self-employed person to borrow a € 58,000 loan. It is always worth trying, and it is free to try.

Save cash with a loan comparison

Save cash with a loan comparison

Anyone looking for a cheap 58,000 dollar loan for the self-employed should make a loan comparison beforehand. He can thus see how the interest rate and the term can change in his favor. But other important conditions can also be found in the loan comparison.

Think of free repayments and/or installment freezes. The borrower can also exclude expensive offers for his 58,000 USD for self-employed and compare all conditions transparently.

Credit checker is burdened – no credit?

Credit checker is burdened - no credit?

Even workers who have a secure income but a bad Credit checker do not get a loan from a normal bank. The Credit checker-free loans are then suitable for this clientele. The money comes from abroad, where the Credit checker plays no role.

This form of credit is in the hands of loan brokers who are looking for a suitable loan for their customers. But if you cannot prove a secure income, you will not receive a Credit checker-free loan for the self-employed 58,000 USD. Unless sufficient credit collateral can be provided. Think of a property, life insurance or savings.

A second borrower or guarantor can also increase the credit opportunities. It is often the case that at a German bank these offers also result in a loan for the self-employed of USD 58,000.

Loan without Credit bureau with instant approval

The advertising for a loan without Credit bureau with immediate approval conveys a bit of normalcy in a financially difficult time. As for millions of other borrowers, the online loan application is automatically checked. The immediate approval offers the feeling of planning security even without Credit bureau.

Loan without Credit bureau with instant approval – good loan service?

Loan without Credit bureau with instant approval - good loan service?

Instant approval loans are the key to successful online business. In the meantime, there is no longer a well-known direct bank that is denying its customers the service and planning security of the instant credit check. The loan application is checked on the loan provider’s server. The test program corresponds practically in detail with the software of the clerk. Nobody has to worry about the security of their data either. According to human judgment, everything is done to ensure that no unauthorized person has access to sensitive personal data.

It is precisely with this feeling of security that people with a poorer Credit bureau like to apply for their loan online. A loan without Credit bureau with immediate approval seems to be the convenient way of applying for ordinary loan offers for special loans. The first small differences can already be seen in loan advertising. This loan option is not advertised by a neutral loan comparison calculator. The advertising comes exclusively from credit intermediaries.

The next difference becomes clear when the loan application is to be filled out. There is no forwarding to the server of the credit provider. The loan application is completed through the intermediary’s website. In addition, the disclosure of the data must be approved. Approval is, of course, required so that a reputable credit broker can work. As a test, such a convenient application was, of course, examined for the research on this contribution. Only credit opportunities “without Credit bureau” should be checked. The response of the system to the application for a loan without Credit bureau with immediate approval was surprising.

Credibility and seriousness of the immediate examination without Credit bureau

Credibility and seriousness of the immediate examination without Credit bureau

The program replied with a loan approval subject to positive Credit bureau information. The question arises, how serious can a program work that provides such an answer in its automatic check? This credit broker can be credited with the fact that at least the key data of his credit check were up to date. Another provider gave the preliminary loan approval, although the net income entered for the test would not have qualified for the loan.

For all randomly checked offers, the credit broker was not promised to use the data exclusively for credit brokerage. With the consent to the transfer, the data trading business can flourish without this binding commitment. Anyone who thinks, “What the hell, who should be interested in my data” is too careless about the topic.

An entire industry lives from the use of legally procured personal data. More and more online shops are awarding credit checks to external providers. At the latest, when suddenly it is no longer possible to order on account, the carefree handling of intimate financial information takes revenge. No need, just for convenience, no one should trust such information on a website, unless the lender himself. If the application for a loan without Credit bureau was made directly to the provider, then the consent to the transfer of data is dropped.

Credit bureau free credit – direct provider

Credit bureau free credit - direct provider

The hopefully well-intentioned service, a preliminary credit check – without automating Credit bureau, is only offered by credit intermediaries. As far as is known, only a foreign bank legally offers loans without Credit bureau for Germans. It is Cream bank from Liechtenstein. As far as is understandable, all reputable credit offers without Credit bureau refer exclusively to this credit bank. It is not possible to forward the credit check to the provider’s server. The credit bank itself does not offer a loan without Credit bureau with immediate approval.

Credit check without Credit bureau

Credit check without Credit bureau

The credit check process is not easy for a Credit bureau-free loan. Only employees who are in an employment relationship that is subject to social security contributions can qualify for a loan. The employment relationship must also have existed for at least 12 months. It must not be terminated or limited. The level of income is also checked.

The garnishment exemption limits must be exceeded significantly for lending. During the income check, the pay slips are compared to the incoming payments on the bank statements.

A garnishment of wages or an existing assignment of income precludes lending. Each of the key points mentioned is checked individually in the credit approval process. The credit bank is also requesting an extract from the public debt register. An entry, for example about the delivery of the EV, automatically leads to the loan being rejected. In view of the scope of the exams, a loan without Credit bureau with an immediate acceptance is therefore excluded. Too many unknown factors make the preliminary credit check meaningless.

Small Loan Comparison secure particularly favorable offers

More and more private consumers use credit at least once in their lives to bridge a financial constraint or long-term investment. Small loans prove to be particularly interesting loan products for bridging financial bottlenecks in the short term. Small loans today are not only offered by large banks with a fixed branch system, more and more online banks on the Internet are now offering small loans in their portfolios.

The increase in different loan products and providers has contributed significantly to the fact that borrowers can now secure particularly favorable offers with low interest rates and flexible contractual terms. Thanks to their rapid availability, the offers on the Internet in particular are proving to be ideal credit products for bridging financial bottlenecks or for satisfying consumer wishes. Due to the significant increase in supply in recent years, borrowers should not forego the numerous comparison options that the Internet provides today. Financial portals now allow free and objective comparisons.

This should always be taken into account when making a small loan comparison

This should always be taken into account when making a small loan comparison

Before actually comparing multiple loan offers, borrowers should find out in advance which criteria are of particular importance when comparing loans.
Interest rates in particular play an important role for many borrowers. Both the debit and the effective interest have a certain meaningfulness, whereby the debit interest as adjusted interest has only a limited meaningfulness for the total loan costs.

Borrowers who precisely calculate the loan costs incurred and want to save money in the long term should pay attention to the effective interest rate. The effective interest rate for most loan offers today depends on the fees charged by the banks, risks, the structure of the term and loan amount as well as the creditworthiness of the borrower. Borrowers who promise the lowest possible effective interest rate should definitely have the highest possible income and positive credit bureau information.

Choosing the right term and loan amount is no less important. Short terms and low loan amounts always have a positive effect on the effective interest rate, since loans with short terms and low loan amounts have a significantly lower risk of default, not least in the case of small loans, the capital commitment is lower.

Save a lot of money in the long term

Save a lot of money in the long term

A small loan comparison can now be carried out on the Internet in just a few minutes with little effort. The small loan comparison is now made possible by most financial portals with a loan calculator, loan calculators not only allow the borrower to take individual loan sizes into account in comparison, the borrower can also use the loan calculator to limit the search and permanently access the best individual offer.

The loan calculator comparison offers the possibility of many loan portals, loan amount, term, income, use and much more. to be taken into account when searching for a loan. Due to the low comparison effort, a significantly lower interest rate can often be called up and a lot of money saved in the long term.

Same day lightning credit – needed quickly and no savings

If money is needed quickly and no savings can be found that would cover the necessary amount, or no one else, no relatives, no friends can be asked whether there is an opportunity to borrow a certain amount, then it is good advice expensive. How practical would it be to be able to apply for a loan and the loan amount would be immediately available? Is this possible at all? Is there a lightning credit on the same day?

How quickly can a loan be available?

How quickly can a loan be available?

The definition of lightning credit, express credit or quick money is basically not very different in theory, in practice, of course, it looks a little different. One imagines that the loan amount X would then be available within the next few hours, which it really is only in a few cases. Of course, there are specialized banks that advertise the “same-day lightning credit” product, but the interested customer must be able to overcome certain hurdles in order to benefit from the fact that the desired amount is actually rapidly provided.

Above all, as is so often the case with this product, there is complete information from credit bureau, without which it becomes difficult to obtain a loan of any kind from a “third-party” provider. A personal consultation usually takes place at your own bank, but providers on the Internet do not have this contact option, and therefore the complete and flawless reputation of the customer must be taught in a different way.

The quick credit, which must be available within a few hours, can either not be very high for the above-mentioned reason (so that the provider does not bear too high a risk when it is awarded to the customer), and secondly, it simply takes a certain processing time in order to check submitted documents and then also to be able to decide in favor of the applicant.

The more “preparatory work” the customer does, the better he is informed in advance and the more extensive the evidence of the complete reputation is, the faster a positive decision about a loan can be made. This includes evidence of sufficient income of at least three, often 6 or more consecutive months (depending on the loan provider). Collateral that can be stated and documented in the form of real estate or real estate naturally also counts in a positive decision and if credit bureau information is faultless, this also makes things a lot easier.

Get money quickly

Get money quickly

With a lightning credit on the same day, some financial problems would be solved quickly. The simplest solution to the financial bottleneck is actually much closer than initially expected. The quickest instant credit on the same day can be done quite easily by expanding the overdraft facility on your own checking account – this basically only takes a few clicks of the clerk at your own bank. No cumbersome scanning of numerous documents, no fear and hope until a decision is made about prosperity and spoilage, no inadequate, or even non-existent, individual advice about the desired bank product and the best, no by-products, insurance, etc. that you have to take out to get the same day’s lightning credit.

Repayment/settlement of the current account

Repayment/settlement of the current account

Another advantage of the current account loan is the obvious control that you as a customer have over the repayment/settlement of the current account. Nobody likes to see that the account is in the negative range and the overdraft facility is generally known as an expensive variant of the loan. A flash credit on the same day from another provider may not be cheaper, however. Therefore, the time for a comparison of all options should be planned in any case.

Needing a large amount of money is of course not a pleasant fact, but it should never lead to rash and unpredictable decisions. But this is not necessary at all. All the necessary information can be found online, and the personal advisors of your own bank are generally available very promptly for the overdraft facility.

Loan without intermediaries and prepayment

When it comes to the factors that affect the amount of credit costs, it’s not just the interest that needs to be paid, but depending on where the loan is applied for, there may be other fees that need to be paid.

Loan without intermediaries

Loan without intermediaries

Consumers who want to take out a normal installment loan can apply for a loan without an intermediary if they try to do a free loan comparison to find the bank that lends on favorable terms. As soon as a credit broker is commissioned to give you a cheap loan, the extra costs because the credit broker charges a commission for its services, which the borrower then has to pay as a surcharge on the installments.

The consumer gets a loan without an agency fee from Agree banks. It is a different matter if you want to apply for a loan without Credit bureau. Loans without Credit bureau are granted by foreign banks, but never in direct contact with the customer, but such inquiries must always go through a credit broker.

Choosing the Right Credit Broker

Choosing the Right Credit Broker

When it comes to Credit bureau-free loans, a credit broker must be involved, otherwise nothing works. For the consumer, the question is which credit intermediary to turn to because the internet is full of offers, but not all credit intermediaries work properly. There are a number of black sheep among credit intermediaries who are not really interested in brokering a loan, but rather in making a lot of money with their customers.

Therefore, only brokerage offers should be used, in which the loan is brokered without prepayment . If a credit intermediary charges fees from the customer before it becomes active, this is not serious, and such offers should be avoided. This also applies to credit brokerage offers where customers have to call an expensive hotline beforehand or receive cash on delivery documents for which payment has to be made without knowing the content.

Reputable credit brokers create their non-binding loan offers free of charge and only charge the loan brokerage fee if they actually broker a loan.

If consumers who want to take out a loan without Credit bureau follow these instructions, they cannot avoid the agency fee, but they only pay for a service that is actually provided. The agency fee is an additional cost factor that adds to the interest and processing fees. Therefore, the loan without intermediaries is usually cheaper, but this only works if it is a normal installment loan from Agree banks. But there are also cheap and less cheap loan offers at Agree banks and there are a few things for consumers to consider when it comes to saving credit costs.

Installment loan without processing fee

Installment loan without processing fee

Agree banks often offer their loans cheaply. Based on the annual percentage rate, which is a percentage, the consumer can compare different loan offers by making a free loan comparison. The APR includes the nominal interest rate and the processing fee charged on the loan. This amounts to between one and three percent of the loan amount. Consumers can save money if they take out an installment loan without a processing fee if possible, but should not ignore the APR. Advertising alone, which promises the loan without a processing fee, is not the main criterion, but the effective annual interest rate must be particularly cheap on the one hand and no processing fee may be charged on the other.

In the case of loan offers with the same interest rate, the offers without a processing fee are preferable to the offers with a processing fee. If the bank does not charge any processing fees, the borrower will benefit from the same effective interest rate if the loan is repaid early. Because unlike the interest that is calculated back, the processing fee is a quantity that is raised once and then lost forever, even if the loan is canceled after a short time. You can therefore save money in advance if you take care when taking a loan comparison to take out a particularly cheap loan for which no processing fees are charged.

Getting a loan for a freelancer is not easy

Basically, getting a loan for a freelancer is not easy. Many banks or savings banks shy away from the risk associated with an unsafe and sometimes constantly fluctuating income for freelancers. This often leads to the fact that they are very hesitant or do not grant a loan to freelancers. The situation is particularly difficult if for some reason there are negative Credit bureau entries, the cause of which cannot be eliminated in the short or medium term.



If you want to get a loan as a freelancer, you have to prove an income that can cover not only the personal and family livelihood, but also the loan installments. If there are legitimate doubts, the bank will reject the loan application. Otherwise, they would have no certainty that they would get their money back properly and on time. If a suitable branch or direct bank is found that would be ready to grant a loan, the freelancer would not only have to submit an application, but also have to enclose various documents that the bank can use to easily check whether the requirements for a loan are met .

These documents could include not only the bank statements of the last three months and the last income tax assessments, but also the profit and loss account or the income surplus account. If necessary, it may also be necessary to provide additional collateral, a second applicant or a guarantor. This could often lead to the fact that a loan for freelancers, which would otherwise have to be rejected, can still be approved.

Application, approval and repayment

Application, approval and repayment

Similar to any other loan, a freelance loan is paid out within a few hours or days. The loan amount is usually freely available. In this context, it is important to ensure that a private loan can only be used for private purposes and a business loan can only be used for business purposes. The banks attach great importance to an appropriate separation.

If a loan is used for purposes other than that of the freelancer, it can be terminated by the bank with immediate effect. There are several reasons why a freelancer needs a personal loan. These reasons often differ only slightly from the reasons that also motivate a worker to take out a personal loan. For example, various consumer wishes can be satisfied, vacations can be financed or larger purchases can be made.

A loan for freelancers must be repaid in monthly installments. These rates remain the same throughout the term. The question of whether and how much the income of the freelancer fluctuates does not matter at all. For this reason, every freelancer should critically question whether he really sees himself able to pay regular loan installments over a period of several months or several years. Otherwise, he should prefer to refrain from borrowing and wait until the financial situation has improved and largely stabilized.